You may have recently read about the ability to destroy waste beer in your pub to facilitate the refund of duty paid. The return on duty for any beer that cannot be processed as ullage is very welcome, however, at this moment in time please can we ask that you do not destroy any beer in your pub.

The process of destroying beer on site will result in you only being able to claim for the duty element of the purchase price only.

As we have previously communicated, once Marston’s are allowed to uplift the containers from your cellar, we will process those that are full through the ullage system and issue a full credit based on the price you paid. If you have not yet completed and logged details of your full kegs and casks which require credit, then please do so asap by calling the Business Support team on 01283 502222 (between 10am – 3pm).

We are currently working through the Government guidance regarding destroying beer in your pub, as this may provide a route to claim back the duty on product remaining within containers that have already been opened and dispensed from. It is important to also be aware that any destruction of waste beer will require the brewers approval and be done so in line with the rules that are currently being confirmed. As soon as we have clarity, we will update you with instructions and next steps.

SIBA Update

There have been a number of queries about the uplift and credit for unopened containers purchased directly through the SIBA Beerflex scheme.

SIBA have now confirmed to us that their member brewers will not be able to uplift and credit any unopened casks, but there may be the option to destroy the beer on site and reclaim the duty.

Some brewers may also be able to swap ‘Out of Date’ stock for fresh stock when pubs re-open. This would be a very welcome offer and we will update with instructions and next steps once we have clarity.

We’re sure you’ll understand the changing nature of the situation but we will aim to keep you as up to date as possible.