Becoming a Punch Publican

Taking on a pub can feel like a big change, but with our help it needn’t be a daunting one.

As you get ready to begin your exciting journey with us, you will have a dedicated and experienced Punch Development Manager (PDM) who will be on hand to guide you through the process of taking on your new pub business.

Throughout this website, we will guide you through the first steps of becoming a Punch Publican and some of the things you should consider before starting your journey of running your own pub.

Finding your perfect pub business…

Finding the pub that is perfect for you is the first critical step on your journey. It is important to research the pub, area and customer base of your potential new business.

To succeed in the pub industry, you need to be creative and innovative and keep up to date with common trends in the marketplace.  It is important to network locally and know your pub’s community.

There are plenty of different styles of pub operations from high street bars, destination food-led pubs and local community pubs. The most important thing for you to do is make sure your personality and skill set fits your potential pub.

Costs and considerations…

Although being a Publican can be hugely rewarding, you should take into consideration that running a pub can be a change to your lifestyle. It won’t just be the usual 9-5. You will need to work unsociable hours, including late nights and weekends.

If you haven’t got pub experience, but you think running a pub sounds right up your street, you should think about getting a part-time role in your local pub – just to make sure it’s the lifestyle for you.

When you take on a Punch pub, you must also consider the costs involved. There’s a deposit, fixtures and fittings, your first beer and food order, plus the legal fees associated with taking on your pub business. Don’t forget, you may also have to buy uniforms for your staff, plates, cutlery, glassware and catering equipment.

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