Local Communities

Punch is delighted to work with the Careers & Enterprise Company which help provide career opportunities and connections to local employers to prepare and inspire young people for the fast-changing world.   The Careers & Enterprise Company was created as a social enterprise in 2015, and the team blends expertise from education, business, the private sector, third sector, academia and government to help young people to build a rewarding career.

As well as our commitment to local charities, we encourage our Publicans to consider the role their pub business can play in the local community.  Some of our pubs, especially those in rural areas, have diversified to provide a wider community service, perhaps hosting the post office or local shop, providing web access and meeting spaces for local clubs and societies.

We also welcome Pub is the Hub , which was initiated by HRH the Prince of Wales in 2001. Pub is the Hub encourages rural pub owners, licensees and local communities to work together to support, retain and locate services within the pub, which can often improve the viability of the business itself.