The Woodley is a true community pub and needs a community savvy character to take charge. Whether an individual or couple, the Management Partner(s) should be Professional with Personality- both with a Capital P! You should be familiar to your customers and many of them familiar to you, while able to deliver a warm welcome to new visitors and embrace the wider community.

Entertainment drives the big nights- you will need a knowledge of the customer tastes and expectations to then attract the right acts, so knowing the gig scene is a premium attribute

Personality and a customer first approach will make the difference in the Woodley and an ability to be a friendly listener as well as a fierce enforcer are just the ends of the spectrum of traits you should bring to the table.

You should be happy to be judged on the contentment of your customers, be it families, couples, regulars, darts & quiz teams and local societies along with many more groups all with different expectations but with the same end result- happy to recommend you and your pub. 

Our Partner will have good routines, disciplines and be organised to ensure statutory requirements are not headlines but second nature and previous experience in achieving good results and feedback in compliance will be on our agenda.

Your management and delegation skills need to come to the fore, while organising the next big event the bread & butter day job with the locals must be on point to prevent the Woodley becoming a one-trick pony.

The Pub

This pub is poised A true community venue- the building is part of a seventies shopping development key to the Woodley area. Though aged this pub has been cared for and is attractive to those who may not yet know the outlet.

The small amount of space outside has been utilised with benches and are popular for those wanting to watch the world go by.

The pub is large inside and the large L shaped bar allows a full view of the seating areas. A spacious wooden floor has moveable tables, this becomes a dance floor and crowd are as it leads to the end of the room. This is the place for the evenings entertainment to set up and be the soundtrack for the night.

The Woodley can also feel welcoming throughout the day and is well supported by the old boys coming in and out throughout the day.

The Partnership Agreement

Ready to run your own business, manage your own team and define your own wage structure? Love working closely with an Operations Manager to build an incredible pub legacy with uncompromising standards and stand out guest experience? Then the Punch Managed Partnership is the perfect option for you.

Alongside tonnes of day to day support and a brilliant framework to grow your business, we give you an uncapped cut of top line turnover to pay yourself and your team – it’s your structure to own. We understand how important it is for the pub operator to completely own their own team.

In our Partnerships, we love pub obsessed entrepreneurs that help us lead the industry. We love to partner with people that help us create pub legacies that stand the test of time and become the hub of their community. We get that every pub has its own distinct character, so your Operations Manager will work closely with you to understand the true identity of your business, we can then help support you amplifying this, it’s a partnership after all!

The Opportunity

Entertainment is a huge business driver, bringing in guests from further afield, and it is important to manage these events carefully to maximise the income and scoop up the halo effect that comes with the intended one-off visit, turning a visitor to a regular.

Putting on regular, quality entertainment can be difficult and expensive when not on point. There is no doubt that if the right balance is struck it is and can continue to be THE venue of choice in Stockport, and defy the ‘it’s just a pub’ description.

The Woodley Arms can be a real community pub by forging the right links amongst the population, with an added aspect of showing weekend visitors what can be offered at other times.

You will like to innovate, creating new angles to evoke interest and using the digital/ social media tools to carve the image of your business.

Success will ultimately result in growing sales but be manifested by images of great times and top reviews led by customer’s great memories made by you.

Accommodation is included to enable you to live in the pub and become a key part of the Woodley community.

The Development

Décor and standards are good throughout this business, and toilet facilities at both ends are of the standard expected in a food business.

Cellar is as per a traditional pub and needs a competent & dedicated operator to keep this engine room running well.

Financial Information

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