Ten Top Tips for Running a Pub Hotel

10 Handy Tips for running a pub with Letting Rooms

Establish a daily routine

Being organised is essential when running letting rooms or a pub hotel. This includes easy check-in processes, breakfast options, invoicing or taking payment, cleaning the rooms and refreshing all bed linen. Your checklist will differ depending on the size of your hotel but if you map out your tasks hour by hour you will ensure smooth running of the business and effective use of your time.

Be prepared to provide local information

Your guests may well be unfamiliar with the local area so make sure you have this information available, either in each room or in one central place. This will show that you care about their visit. It is also wise to have a printed version of all information about their stay handy in their room, so they know when to get breakfast, let you clean a room or what time to check out.

Good quality breakfast

Your guests will expect a good quality and suitable breakfast so make sure that this is on offer, why not offer this with the booking or build it in to the price? Think about this and maybe suggest they pick a breakfast the night before and this will make it easier for you to offer perfect service the next morning. If its in a particular area think about what you offer to make it unique.

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