Punch Tenancy Agreement

We have a range of Punch tenancy agreements, which offer a flexible approach to running your own pub business. Your pub will be ready to trade, with carefully tailored food and drinks menus in place.

Our Punch tenancy agreements provide you with an unprecedented level of support and everything you need to run a successful business. From the very start, you will have dedicated personal support from your Punch Operations Manager, which includes direct access to training and development, business planning, operations and accounting expertise.

You’ll start by taking our free, award-winning Foundation Week training course to ensure you have all the core skills you need to run your pub business. Then, on an ongoing basis, we’ll provide you with an unparalleled level of support to help you maximise the efficiency, sales and profitability of your pub. This includes helping you decide on the right drinks offer, guidance on margin and support creating a marketing plan to build for continued success.

To help market your pub, we offer a marketing fund to assist you with all things marketing.

As the Punch Tenancy agreements have shared repairs liability, we want to help you manage your ongoing repairing obligations. We do this by operating a repairs and maintenance fund for all new agreements. These funds are our estimate of an essential overhead cost of your business. For more information click here 

When you look at taking on a Punch Tenancy Agreement with us, you will be required to pay a deposit of either £6,000 / a quarter of the yearly rent whichever is greater. You’ll get this back when your tenancy agreement is over.

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