The Pubs Code Regulations (July 2016)

In July 2016 The Pubs Code etc. Regulations (The Pubs Code) was introduced by the Government and applies to all Pub Companies, such as Punch, who own more than 500 tied pubs in England and Wales. The Pubs Code provides our Publicans with rights and responsibilities based on the two core principles of fair and lawful dealings by Pub Companies with their tied pub tenants and ensuring a tied publican is no worse off than a free of tie publican. There is specific guidance and information for tied pub tenants covered under the Pubs Code which can be viewed on (the UK government website)

The Pubs Code is overseen by the Pubs Code Adjudicator who is in place to ensure compliance with the core principles of the Regulations.

The Pubs Code Adjudicator can be contacted by:

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We would always encourage our Publicans to take independent, professional and qualified advice from accredited trade bodies in relation to their individual rights under this legislation.

For our pubs in Scotland, a further enhanced Pub Sector Voluntary Code of Practice has been formulated, setting the standard for us as a landlord company regarding our interaction with our Publicans and our relationship with them. Please click here for a copy of the Pubs Sector Scotland Code of Practice.

The Punch Services Guide
The specialised, award-winning support services that we provide to our Publicans are outlined in our Punch Services Guide. Whether you are a new Punch Publican, or one of our more experienced licensees this guide aims to highlight all of the key information needed, including the benefits of the unique deal you have as a tied Publican within Punch and how we will support you to become the best you can be.

Punch Compliance Officer

Donna Gracey



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