At Punch, we’re working hard every day to support over 1,200 thriving independent businesses – run by enthusiastic, passionate people just like you.


Marketing support

Our marketing team is here to provide you with a barrel-load of fresh, modern ideas that will ensure your marketing and promotional offer packs a serious punch.

  • Our bimonthly magazine, The Round, is available both online and in print. Each issue is packed full of the latest macro issues, advice and support, and highlights some of our industry-leading Publicans.

And The Round is accompanied by an incredible package of digital support…

  • We’ve got an industry-leading online ordering and information portal – The Punch Buying Club – and now more than 90% of our Publicans are placing their orders online.
  • Punch Publicans can access support, updates and a design and print service that has produced more than 10,000 pieces of artwork this year, and our myPrint service allows Publicans to customise their own personalised designs.
  • Through our Campaign Club, Publicans can access all the marketing tools they need to make the most of opportunities in the calendar and our Sports Club provides them with everything they need to capitalise on the most popular sporting events.

Through our marketing support, we provide our Publicans with an experience that reflects the warm, hospitable welcome that we pride ourselves on.


Training & development

When it comes to training and development, we look after our Publicans, staff and suppliers as our guests.

As valued members of the Punch family, you’re always given a warm welcome, lots of good cheer and nurtured throughout your journey with us.

  • The Academy is an exceptional training space with two fully working bars and a live cellar where Publicans can learn in the classroom and the pub at the same time.
  • Our state-of-the-art product development kitchen has seen our Publicans and chefs take part in over 550 real time training sessions.
  • Alongside our excellent facilities, we offer a huge range of online support to keep our teams one step ahead. Our industry-leading training is supported by interactive online courses with over 8,000 being taken in 2019 on subjects ranging from cellar excellence to promoting your pub through social media.
  • We welcome new Publicans with open arms and our Punch Progress five-day training programme at our new facilities ensures you’re completely up-to-speed before you get started in your pub. You’re then given continuous support through a range of packages depending on your level of experience.
  • All our courses are also available on our online app, making all this invaluable guidance accessible inside the pub at the touch of a button.
  • We love helping our existing Publicans share their knowledge and passion with each other, as well as new Publicans joining the Punch family, through editorials in The Round magazine – delivered every two months exclusively to Punch Publicans.
  • Our Pub Planning Tool is a newly-developed web app providing a fresh new approach to localised marketing at the click of a button. Through the app, Publicans can plan and execute localised marketing and understand the monetary benefits from running activities such as quiz nights or beer festivals once all the costs have been taken into account. And keeping a record of this activity allows Publicans to look back at previous activities to make future ones more profitable.