About Aura

The definition of Aura is a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source, thing or place or an energy field emanating from a living being. Energy and a quintessential atmosphere are what define Aura pubs

Our world

Aura pubs exude youthful and fresh energy, with guests living their best lives and letting go. A playground for adults, Aura offers much more than lush cocktails or dirty burgers. They create that unique atmosphere where guests can truly let their hair down and enjoy themselves to the fullest

Guests at our heart

Aura guests should encounter a deep sense of FOMO as they witness their favourite pub living it up on social media. The stage is set for guests to immerse themselves in a joyous world of energy, vigour, and surprises. There is no standard benchmark for Aura. We’ve created a new experience and set a precedent, leaving guests wanting more.

Eager to create the right Aura?

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