Punch Development Manager (PDM)

You will have a dedicated and experienced PDM who is on a mission to help you make your pub a success. Together, you can develop an action plan to grow your business and give your pub a competitive edge. You’ll receive regular visits to make sure that action plan is on track!

Catering Support

You will have a knowledgeable Catering Development Manager who will be on hand to enhance your food offer through a range of topics from food safety to kitchen management. Our catering support also extends to great suppliers, competitive pricing, insights and food trends, plus a range of menus to suit all pubs.

Publican Development & Training Manager (PDTM)

When you first begin your journey in a Punch pub, your experienced Publican Development & Training Manager will be on hand to assist you with all things to help ensure a successful launch and get your business off to the best possible start.  Your PDTM will also help you earn valuable qualifications and build the skills that you and your team need, through training opportunities.

Punch Buying Club

Our industry-leading and award-winning Punch Buying Club website allows 24-hour access to a variety of Punch services, from ordering your beer to keeping track of your machine income. The huge, mobile-friendly resource will help you build a better pub business through training, knowledge and up-to-date news.

Design & Print

As a Punch publican, you will have access to an exclusive design service for menus, banners, posters, flyers, websites, staff clothing and much more.

Property support

Whether you’re running a city centre bar or a 16th Century coaching inn, you will have a dedicated property manager who can offer advice from day-to-day maintenance to repairs and refurbishments.


Reputation is key in the pub trade, and our marketing team are here to help! From promotions and events, to using social media effectively, we can help you grow your business, improve the pub’s profile, and attract more of the kind of customers you want.

Financial support

You will have a dedicated Credit Assistant who will be able to manage your purchasing account with Punch.

Contact Centre and Distribution

Our Contact Centre are available for all questions and queries and can sign-post you to expert help for anything they cannot solve there and then. This includes the Punch distribution helpdesk who are on hand for any queries or problems you may encounter with a drinks delivery. They look after anything from changing delivery arrangements to checking up on progress.


Here to answer all your legal questions and make sure your pub is compliant with the latest rules and regulations.

Technical Services

A seamless service for all brand changes and upgrades to taps or bar systems – the pipes and wires that keep your products in top condition and your customers happy. Our Technical Services team are here to help with troubleshooting as well as routine upgrades.